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Taking Advantage of Facebook

Emily Bozogian, Student Blogger

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Three years ago, I was an incoming freshman who was excited to embark on a new journey of higher education. I honestly didn’t know how to feel. I felt excited, but nervous. New friends, new experiences, and no parental supervision. It sounded awesome, until I thought about how I was going to make new friends. Soon, I realized there was an incoming freshman Facebook group. It gave me the chance to connect with future classmates before starting classes on campus. Not only was I there to make friends but to look for a roommate. So, I started messaging everyone who wrote posts saying, “Message me” or “Looking for a roommate.” I ended up clicking great with a girl named Emily. She was a different major than me, her hometown was an hour away from mine, but through talking deeper we realized we had a lot of similarities. We started messaging through Facebook in April and messaged each other every day leading up to August move in day! She was there to talk about the emotions of graduating high school, packing, and moving away. We went through the whole process together and were able to meet in person 3 times before move in day. Having someone I already had a connection with made moving into college easier. To this day, three years later, we are still close friends, all thanks to the Morrisville Fall 2015 Incoming Class Facebook group.

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Taking Advantage of Facebook