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Why I Picked Morrisville

Chapman, Kenneth P

Chapman, Kenneth P

Emily Bozogian, Student Blogger

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Deciding what school to commit to was challenging, and I had a couple colleges in mind I got into. In the end, I was stuck between Rochester Institute of Technology and Morrisville State College. They are two completely different schools, and this was an important decision to make correctly. My older cousin told me to go with whichever one felt right.

I started to compare the two hoping to find an answer. State school vs private school? State school won on that one, because tuition would be cheaper and my parents went to SUNY schools. 18,500 students vs. 3,500 students? Thinking about the size of classes, I’m someone who has always liked smaller class sizes better, because I like being able to get individual help from teachers. An hour and 40 minutes away from home vs. 28 minutes? I sided with Morrisville on that one because it’s closer and I was nervous about distance.

After doing some more comparisons, I realized that I kept siding with Morrisville. I visited for a second time during an Open House where I got to meet more professors in my department and it was then when I realized that everything felt right. I fell in love with the technology department as the professors were friendly, the class sizes were smaller, and they taught by using hands-on experience. Three years later, I’m still glad that I choose Morrisville State College as it is my perfect fit.

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Why I Picked Morrisville