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Monthly $ Tip: Manage Your Debt

Ken Chapman, Admissions Marketing Assistant

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For most college students acquiring some debt is a certainty. What you do to manage your debt while still within the cozy confines of Morrisville State College is another thing altogether. Most of us have student loans, it is a reality of higher education. These may be easy to brush off, assuming you plan on getting a primo job right after graduation, but being realistic about your college debt is incredibly important. And racking up debt on a new credit card can be crippling down the road.

Many college students will take out their first credit card while on campus, and while it is good to establish a good credit score, you can get into serious trouble if you are not careful.

Experts recommend that students only use credit cards if they absolutely have to, as in the case of an emergency. The temptation to buy now and pay later could lead to a heap of unnecessary debt.

Also, experts say you should only buy things you need, not things you want, on your credit card. And pay the balance in full at the end of the billing cycle. This will ensure a rising credit score without rising debt.

Pay on time, every time. Do not let yourself fall victim to letting the interest rate kick in because you spent your bill money on a night out with friends. Make paying your card on time a priority.

If you follow these tips, you will build your credit and get more bag for your buck in your time at MSC!



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Monthly $ Tip: Manage Your Debt