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Making the most of your Mustang Money

Emily Cook, Admissions Ambassador/Marketing Inter

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Make the most of your Mustang Money

So you’ve chosen a meal plan you think will work best for you, but there are several ways it can work even better than you think! Meal plans can be composed of: Meals, Dining Points, and Mustang Money. If you want to find out more information about the different types of meal plans, click here.

Say! Your meal plan gives you Mustang Money?  First you might want to understand what mustang money really is. ‘Mustang Money is a declining balance account linked to your ID card.” This is similar to a checking/debit card, the money is put on to the account, but subtracted when you use your card to pay for things. Mustang Money is accepted on campus as well as some participating local businesses.

Here’s a few ways that you can use Mustang Money both on and off campus.

On Campus:

Any and all MAC (Morrisville Auxiliary Corporation) locations accept Mustang Money. Wondering what those are? All college stores on campus (Bookstore, Pro Shop), all dining facilities (Copper Turret, Seneca, Pitstop, Stix, Mustang Alley and Jazzy Joz). You can also use your Mustang Money for automotive repairs at our automotive facility (which also waives the labor cost, sweet!), the health center, most vending machines (you can also quickly check your balance on these, just swipe your card and it will display your balance!), and both of the Shop 24’s (One located between Spader and Seneca, and another in the Pond Quad).

Off- Campus:

So maybe you want to mix it up and grab something off campus? There are several local business who also accept Mustang Money. Both gas stations, Valero and Sunoco accept Mustang Money –please note that you are not able to purchase either alcohol or tobacco products using Mustang Money. I will also mention Copper Turret here because it is a Morrisville State College facility, but is located off campus just down Route 20 past the light. Other participating locations include: The New York Pizzeria in Morrisville, The Coral Morrisville Pizzeria, Subway, Quack’s Village Inn & Diner (Madison), Pizza Hut (Hamilton), Expressmart (Sunoco, Hamilton), and Byrne Dairy (Norwich only). The complete list of locations and addresses can be found by clicking here.

SO… maybe you totally loved having Mustang Money and spent it all? You have the option to add more funds to your account. More funds = more Mustang Money! This process is super easy, and can be quickly completed online. Follow this link to set up an account, that will allow you to check the balance of your Mustang Money, dining points and meals. First you’ll need to create an account. You will need your ID number (which is your M#), name, e-mail, and a password (7 digits). After you supply that information you will be sent a confirmation e-mail containing a confirmation link. Click the link to complete your registration and log in to your newly created account. From there you will see this page (below). Where you can add funds to your account, and view your transactions.

Mustang Money 2

Or maybe you have a remaining balance at the end of the semester and you’re asking…

 michael scott

 No! You won’t lose it! You can easily have any unused mustang money refunded by simply submitting a written refund request to the college ID Office located in Hamilton Hall.

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Making the most of your Mustang Money