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Dorm decorating on a dime

Chapman, Kenneth P

Chapman, Kenneth P

Shelby Wood, Admissions Ambassador

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Making that 12 x 11 dorm room your home is a very big factor in your freshman year of college. It becomes your home away from home. Getting essentials, decorations and little things that remind you of home can add up, leaving you with a lot of money spent.

Websites such as Pinterest and Etsy can make your life a little less stressful when thinking about the price tag of your new decorations.  Another way to save on dorm room essentials is making sure that you only get what you really need. Also, contacting your new roommate to make sure that you guys don’t bring the same thing will cut down on clutter.

Another way to make your dorm room less cluttered is to only bring clothes that you’ll actually wear. This means breaking it down by season so that your bins and closets don’t over flow. Bring summer clothes for the first couple of weeks, then when October break roles around switch your clothes out with warmer clothes. Depending on your distance from home, try and make wardrobe changes a couple times a year to make sure your closet isn’t packed.

Bathroom accessories such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and shavers can definitely add up over time. It may seem old fashioned, but cutting coupons can help, cutting down on prices and allowing you to stock up on the things you will need.

Another way to make sure you are budgeting for your dorm room is to get merchandise that will last you a long time. Purchase items such as bedding, bins and containers, pillows, towels that can all last a couple of years. Plan ahead!

To find out more information about dorm room budgeting, head over to Pinterest and Etsy.

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Dorm decorating on a dime