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Going places: 10 Career Service Goals for your Freshman Year

Chapman, Kenneth P

Chapman, Kenneth P

Ken Chapman, Admissions Marketing Assistant

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The Center for Career Services has identified 10 career service goals for your freshman year at Morrisville State College. Read on and follow the links within the list for more information.

To help you make the most of your time at Morrisville, and prepare for success after, we’ve identified top Career Services goals for your first year. You’ll have lots of support from our office and the entire campus to help you meet them when you join us in August. And you’re always welcome to visit us in 318-319 Crawford Hall, call us at 315.684.6615, and check out our website at

  • Get to know, and be known by, three or more faculty and staff members. We can help you navigate the administrative and social challenges of college, guide you academically and professionally, and serve as references for jobs or recommenders when applying to transfer or graduate programs.
  • Join a club and/or student chapter of a professional association. There are 30+ cultural, social, and career-related groups for you to meet students with similar interests, engage in community service, and gain valuable leadership skills. An added benefit? Employers look for engaged students!
  • Attend a career-related program such as how-to workshops. Networking & Recruitment Series guest speakers program, or Job & Internship Expo. As a freshman, you’ll have more time to reflect and act on the information you receive, and to develop the skills required for overall career success.
  • Work on defining or refining your post-Morrisville plans. While you don’t need to select a specific job title yet, you do want to begin exploring and making decisions about your next step.
  • Create a professional résumé. Your résumé is one of the most important documents you’ll create over the next two or more years, and you want to get an A+ on it!
  • Learn how to do a summer job or internship search. Finding a job or internship is much more time-consuming and complex than most students anticipate. Figuring out how things work now will not only prepare you for when you graduate, but may also help you land an opportunity for next summer.
  • Begin building your network of alumni and other professional in your target career field and geography. Networking is the number one way jobs are found, and a life-long skill you should master early in your career. MSC alumni and others are ready, willing, and able to assist you, so let them!
  • Start practicing professional etiquette. College is a risk-free space to learn workplace-appropriate conduct so you can dazzle future employers. This includes reading your Morrisville e-mail regularly, including your weekly one from Career Services about events and info you need to know.
  • Get familiar with CCN-Morrisville, our on-line jobs and internships platform with opportunities from hundreds of employers specifically seeking MSC talent. It can be an invaluable resource in your career development efforts.
  • Meet with Career Services to see how we can assist you in setting and reaching your career goals. Studies show that the more students connect with Career Services, the more likely they are to have a rewarding job when they graduate. Call 315.684.6615 or stop by 318 -319Crawford Hall. Career Services is committed to partnering with students and graduates of all class years, all academic programs and all career ambitions in defining and achieving their career objectives. We look forward to seeing you early and often!


Contact info for the OFFICE OF CAREER SERVICES:

Morrisville State College 318-319 Crawford Hall


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Going places: 10 Career Service Goals for your Freshman Year